Section 1. Executive Board. The Elected Chapter officers, International Directors and the Committee Chairperson shall constitute the Executive Board of this Chapter. The Executive Board shall have the power and duty to conduct and direct all the business and affairs of the Chapter. Before any business is conducted by the Chapter Executive Board, there shall be at least 51% of the Executive Board present.

Section 2. There shall be in this Chapter certain standing committees as provided in this Article. Unless specifically provided otherwise herein, the Chairperson and members of each standing committee shall be appointed by the President immediately after taking office. They shall be appointed from the active members of the Chapter to serve at the pleasure of the President. The President, or in case of the disability or absence of the President, the Vice President shall be an ex officio member of each standing committee.

Section 3. Committee on Nominations and Elections. A committee on Nominations and Elections shall be appointed by the President not later than the end of the seventh month of the administrative year and shall consist of a Chairperson and up to three members. This committee shall present and recommend a slate of officers to the membership for their consideration as Executive Board members not later than the ninth month of the administrative year.

Section 4. Professional Development Committee. There shall be in this Chapter a Professional Development Committee, consisting of two (2) members, each of whom shall be elected or appointed for a three-year term. The Chairperson of said Professional Development Committee (PDC) must have attained the designation of Senior Member – International Right of Way Association and the other members of the PDC, if not designated as Senior Member, should be an SR/WA Candidate or possess an IRWA Discipline Certification whenever possible. Annual reports of all officers and committee chairpersons will be made to the President once a year in February.

Section 5. Education Committee. There shall be in this Chapter an Education Committee, consisting of two (2) members, each to be appointed by the President for a three-year term; provided, however, that at the time of the initial appointment of the membership of said committee, that one-third of said members shall be appointed for a one year term, one-third for a two year term, and remaining one-third for a full three year term.

Section 6. There may be such other standing or ad hoc committees as the Executive Board shall from time to time determine to be necessary, provided, however, that there shall be established in this Chapter committees corresponding to those certain International Committees designated for Chapter counterparts by the International Board of Directors or the International Executive Committee.