All IRWA members are encouraged to partake in Continuing Education courses and opportunities to maintain their professional stature.

IRWA offers two career paths for Right of Way Professionals: A Generalist Path and a Specialist Path. Certifications can be achieved as either a Generalist or as a Specialist. IRWA’s premier designation, the SR/WA Senior Right of Way Professional, is the highest achievement for the right of way professional.

Benefits to You:

– Demonstrates professional stature
– Expands employment opportunities
– Increases potential for financial reward
– Heightens chances for rapid career advancement

Benefits to an Employer:

– Helps identify employees with proven initiative, dedication, and knowledge
– Increases morale by giving employees a sense of direction and continued growth
– Creates a training ladder
– Prepares employees for promotion through multi-disciplined training and examination
– Enhances the status of right-of-way professionals
– Assures continuous update of professional skills through recertification

Symbol of Achievement:

Individuals who earn R/W or SR/WA designations are authorized to display these designations on individual letterhead, business cards, and other professional forms for increased prestige.