Newsletter Sponsors

There are approximately 200 members of Chapter 2 who represent a broad range of businesses including both the private sector (engineers, appraisers, condemnation attorneys, consultants, etc.) and the governmental sector (counties, cities, utilities and water districts).

We email the Chapter 2 Newsletter to our members and affiliates monthly and post the newsletter on the Region 1 website. If you are interested in advertising, please contact our Advertising Chair by sending an email to:

2016 Rates for Newsletter only:

  • Business Card size                             $225/year
  • Double or 1/2 page                           $450/year
  • Full page                                          $900/year

2016 Newsletter Sponsors:

  • Overland Pacific & Cutler, Inc.
  • Greg Rinehart & Associates
  • Nossaman, LLP
  • Paragon Partners, LTD
  • Dean Chapman & Associates
  • Gregory D. Sessler