The Professional of the Year Award honors a Chapter 2 professional who has distinguished him/herself through exemplary support to the IRWA, made outstanding contributions through leadership positions and actively participated in IRWA activities during that year. The Professional of the Year is someone who has been recognized as having the highest regard for the interests, goals, and mission of the Chapter and IRWA. This award is given to a person who has devoted themselves to the Chapter’s activities and functions during that year. While this is an annual award and consideration should be given for what the person did that year, the award is also for many years of contributions to the success of Chapter 2 and the continued dedication to the ROW profession. A strong candidate should also promote the IRWA outside of Chapter activities.

2018 Professional of the Year

Kevin Blair

Past Recipients:

2010s. 2018 Kevin Blair, 2017 Greg Rinehart, 2016 Alesia Strauch, 2015 Alexi Dicker, 2014 Christy Voyles, 2013 Lisa Hiddleson, 2012 Eric Roman, 2011 Kathleen West, 2010 Tara Peterson

2000s. 2009 Tara Peterson, 2008 Bernadette Lambert, 2007 Michael Wolfe, 2006 Steve Castellano, 2005 Suzanne Lusk, 2004 Maria Cresci, 2003 Rory MacNeil, 2002 Ron Babst, 2001 Bob Diaz, 2000 Terry O'Rourke

The 1990s. 1999 Debra Baker, 1998 Jerry Moran, 1997 Karen Boyd (Couto), 1996 Ronald Babst, 1995 Rory MacNeil, 1994 Joyce Diaz, 1993 Richard Jones, 1992 Alan Louie, 1991 William Fellman, 1990 Gary Austin

The 1980s. 1989 Roger Rapport, 1988 Ed Morrison, 1987 William Fellman, 1986 Donna Dawkins, 1985 Paul Gavey, 1984 Jack Carlson, 1983 C. Warren Fuller, 1982 Eleanor Thomsen, 1981 Vern Cummings, 1980 Ralph Samuel

The 1970s. 1979 David Simmons, 1978 John Fenstermacher, 1977 Norman Brown, 1976 Robert MacPherson, 1975 Wallace Mersereau, 1974 Quintin McMahon, 1973 Richard Marshall, 1972 Charles Newman, 1971 Richard Ehrhardt, 1970 Monty Cavender