The mission of the Relocation Committee is to create public awareness, trust, and confidence in the right of way process by facilitating the development and delivery of professional training materials related to the relocation assistance provisions of the Uniform Relocation and Real Properties Acquisitions Policies Act and professional best practices for all right of way professionals.


The functions of this committee are as follows:

  • Study and report on concepts, practices, policies, and procedures in the relocation field with particular reference to the effect on such other right of way functions as Valuation, Environment, Transportation, and Pipeline.
  • Promote and encourage persons, schools, and other organizations involved in relocation activities to participate with it in research and development of policies and procedures relating to the function of relocation assistance agencies.
  • Examine and monitor legislation or changes in legislation with particular reference to Federal Uniform Act (PL9-646) and related California state laws.

Committee Chair:

Karen Eddleman, Associated Right of Way Services

Relocation Chair