Donna Dawkins Memorial Scholarships

  • Every year, IRWA Chapter 2 awards educational scholarships in memory of Donna Dawkins.  Applications are accepted in October and November of each year.  Check the updated application each year for the due date. 2016 scholarships are on hold until further notice.

With tremendous assistance from Les Hausrath and Zack Wasserman of Wendel, Rosen, Black and Dean, LLC, we should be able to provide these scholarships to deserving students in the future.  With help from the IRS, Steve Dawkins will once again be able to award scholarships to applicants.

Donna Dawkins: A History…

Donna began her public service career with the Social Security Administration. She moved on to Contra Costa County as an appraiser with the Assessor’s Office and then transferred to the Public Works Department in 1974 to be a Real Property Agent. Donna was a pioneer in the Right of Way profession as one of the few female agents. In 1986, she was named “Professional of the Year” by Chapter 2 and in 1991 became Chapter 2’s President. Her career flourished at Contra Costa County, where she was promoted to the position of Principal Real Property Agent, retiring in August of 2000. On July 14, 2001, she passed away after losing her battle with cancer.

Because of her dedication to the profession, Donna wanted to establish a scholarship program for chapter members and their dependents to assist in funding their college educations. Her husband Steve honored this wish by establishing the Donna Dawkins Memorial Scholarship in her memory. Chapter 2 continues to assist Steve by submitting applications to him every year to consider for these scholarships. In this way, Donna’s pioneering spirit and belief in community service live on in the generations of individuals who make their dreams possible through higher learning.


These scholarships are available to individuals who are:

    •  Members of the IRWA Chapter 2 and their spouses, children, step children, grandchildren and step grandchildren.
    • High School graduates or students who will be graduates during the current academic year.
    • Students attending two or four-year accredited institutions of higher learning or accredited graduate or professional schools. 

Congratulations to our 2018 Recipients:

  • Lisa Hunter, SR/WA, R/W-AC, Member
  • Jewel Lopez, Member
  • Justin Abbott, son of Robert Abbott
  • Angela Richards, daughter of Jim Richards


Past Recipients:


  • Angela Richards, daughter of Jim Richards
  • Logan Murray, son of Craig Murray
  • Jodi Edmunds, daughter of Jann Edmunds
  • Lisa Robertson, Chapter member


  • Zachary Peterson, son of Tara Peterson
  • Lisa Robertson, Chapter member
  • Jodi Edmunds, daughter of Jann Edmunds
  • Gus Laws, son of Karen Laws
  • Ryan Castellano, son of Steve Castellano
  • Angela Richards, daughter of Jim Richards
  • Seth Cummings, grandson of Vern Cummings
  • Zahara Jones, daughter of Veronica Whitfield
  • Lorenzo Sandoval, son or Carmen Pina-Delgado


  • Deanna Lusk, daughter of Suzanne Lusk
  • Miriam Lambert, daughter of Bernadette Lambert

  • Alfonso Edmunds, son of Jann Edmunds.
  • Vanessa Guerrero, daughter of Brenda Aguilar-Guerrero.
  • Deanna Lusk, daughter of Suzanne Lusk.
  • Alex Peterson, son of Tara Peterson.


  • Brandi Edmunds, daughter of Jann Edmunds.
  • Ashley Van Horn, daughter of Steve Van Horn.
  • Mona Foster-White, Chapter 2 member.
  • Andrew Regopoulos


  • Mona Foster-White, Chapter 2 member.
  • Ashley Van Horn, daughter of Steve Van Horn.
  • Jessica Freligh, daugther of Les Freligh.


  • Ashley Van Horn, daugther of Steve Van Horn.
  • Jessica Freligh, daughter of Les Freligh.