IRWA Chapter 2 Vice President/International Director, Chadwick Wyler

Chadwick Wyler is a Right of Way Consultant at Associated Right of Way Services where he has been since 2013. The scope of Chadwick’s work includes acquisition and negotiation on behalf of clients from property owners impacted by various types of projects, including rail, roadway, gas lines, and electrical transmission lines. Mr. Wyler’s acquisition responsibilities include negotiating to acquire improved and unimproved agricultural, residential, and commercial properties for full and partial acquisitions, including fee simple, and temporary and permanent easements. Chadwick also has experience preparing Valuation Estimates for non-complex acquisitions. This has included working with property owners who have had their crops affected assessing impacts to crops placed at risk, coordinating crop removal where necessary, and assisting the owner in determining the information necessary to determine the value of damaged crops to arrive at a settlement. Chadwick is a graduate of the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Biological System Engineering.